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Boosting the Confidence of Your Customers
Trust, Credibility, and Persuasion
Put Yourself in your customers Shoes
Credibility plays an important role in convincing your customers to purchase from you. Many doctors specialize in a particular field; people trust them because they are experts in the field they choose. What can you do to make your company look like an expert with your website? You have to be able to...
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The Secret Behind Testing and Measuring on Your Website
Making and Testing Changes
Test Those Things That You Have Control Over
Small changes can have a huge impact on usability and profits of your website. What can you do to know which little things are important? Testing, testing, and more testing. Many things can have an impact on the visitors to your website. Is the background color of your website affecting how long your...
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Is Your Logo a Waste of Space?
Logo Size in Website Layout
Is Your Logo too Big?
Your logo is taking up important screen space. Don't let it take up valuable space that could be convincing your prospective customers to purchase from you. I've been telling clients for years that their logo doesn't need to take up half the space on their website. Your customers didn't...
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Don't Make Your Website Look Like An Ad
Write Better Web Copy
Websites should not look like Ads
If your website looks, feels, or sounds like an ad, you are losing sales.I read a great book recently, Web Copy that Sells, and she had a great formula for providing information in a way that will 1) get read and 2) make sales."Your website should provide the solid information that your prospect...
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AH Digital FX Studios Featured in River City Weekly
River City Weekly
Recently AH Digital FX Studios was featured in River City Weekly's article about businesses in Idaho that have succeeded on the web. (Full Article (535 K pdf) )Kevin Keefe remembers answering the phone in Idaho Falls late one night, and on the other end was a voice with a unique accent. “Hi,...
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Adobe Stock Photo Royalty-Free Image Service Discontinued
Adobe Stock Photo Service Ends
Adobe is ending its Stock Photography Service.I received the following email from Adobe just the other day:As of April 1, 2008, the Adobe(R) Stock Photos royalty-free image service will be discontinued. We made this decision in order to focus our efforts in other areas, and we want to share this news...
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2007 Website Browser Stats Review
2007 Website Browser Stats
IE 6 and 7 Together Own 76% of the Market Share
2007 Website Statistics from multiple websites show that the top three website browsers are still IE 6, IE 7, and Firefox.Here are some browser statistics for 2007. Browser Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Site 4 Site 5 Site 6 Site 7 Averages MSIE 7.0 43.52% 18.32%...
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Website Credibility in 10 Easy Steps
Web Site Credibility
Credibility is difficult to build and extremely easy to lose. These 10 steps will help you maintain your credibility. Stanford released the following 10 points for increasing credibility after a 3-year, 4,500 person study .Make it easy to verify the accuracy of the information on your site. - The web...
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Simple Ways to Increase Web Site Conversions
Increasing Conversions
Three simple and quick ways to increase your conversion rates. I recently read a nice little list of ways to increase conversions . While this list is nothing compared to reading "Call to Action ", this is a nice concise list. I'm only going to share a few that I felt are most important.Remove...
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Does Your Web Developer Have These Essential Traits?
Web Developer Traits
Here are some essential traits that all web developers should have. I recently read an article at seomoz that discussed the traits that most good web developers have (although I've modified the order a bit to fit my tastes).Are as accurate as possible. As we mentioned before, good programmers...
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The Importance of Microformats in Web 2.0
Using Microformats
Microformats are quickly becoming a THE way to share information between different applications. 2007 should be named the year of the microformats.As more and more people try to share similar data between extremely diverse applications, they are quickly realizing the importance of having standards for...
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Solving Difficult Questions with Simple Answers
Common Sense Programming
The ability to solve increasingly difficult problems through simple means is a trait that all web developers should cultivate. I absolutely love creative people, those that have an ability to think outside the box. Those who can take an extremely difficult problem and solve it with a very simple...
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All Business Owners Should Know these 10 Things Before Building a Website
Before You Begin
10 things all business owners should know before they have a website built.I loved the article "10 things businesses should know before building a website" over at 456 Berea Street . Here are their top 10 with my comments added:Understand what you want. Too many businesses really don't...
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January 2007 Gets a Double Dose of PageRank
PageRank Update 2007
PageRank updates for the second time in January 2007. Well, Google is at it again. After a PageRank update just over 2 weeks ago, PageRank has again changed. While there is debate as to whether this is a "new update" or just old PageRank still lingering around in the toolbar, one thing...
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Questions to Ask Your Web Developer
Interviewing Web Designers
Questions to ask before hiring a web developer.  SEOmoz recently posted some questions that they would ask when interviewing web developers. Figured I'd have a go at the questions and let you know where I stand: What Industry sites and blogs do you read regularly? I consistently read Matt Cutts,...
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Full Content or Partial RSS Content Feeds
Full RSS Feeds
Should everyone switch to full content RSS feeds? I recently read an article on devlounge that gave some reasons for having full content feeds. The main points are as follows:Full feeds provide a convenience for those that read feeds. As with any "feature" of a website, you should focus on...
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2006 Website Browser Stats Review
2006 Website Browser Stats
IE 6 Rules the Net, Firefox and IE 7 Move Forward
2006 Website Browser Statistics - Year End Results Well another year is gone and here is the browser war roundup for the year of 2006. This year we saw the much anticipated IE 7 browser release and although they have taken some nice strides forward , and having it rollout in the Microsoft Update...
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Subscribing to RSS Feeds is Even Easier Now
Subscribing to RSS Feeds
Why RSS Feeds are going to become even more important.I've been a big believer in RSS feeds ever since I first heard about them. Now that IE 7 has been officially released and implemented some pretty nice RSS feed features , we should see RSS feeds become much more common place among "normal...
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IE 7 (Internet Explorer 7) has been released via Windows Update
Internet Explorer 7
Microsoft Update has started installing the newest Internet Explorer 7. Well, over the weekend I was prompted to install Internet Explorer 7, so it looks like the mass update has begun.I've been using Internet Explorer 7 since the second beta came out on my development machines to make sure that...
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A New Wave of Spam
Junk Email (Spam)
Nine out of Ten emails sent over the Internet are unsolicited, plain, old, ugly Spam.The New York Times recently ran an article about the increasing wave of E-mail Spam. The newest wave consists of penny stocks, new mortgage applications, bank account change notices, seemingly long lost friends, and...
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Yahoo Mail Servers Rejecting Email
Yahoo Bouncing Email - 451 Error
If you use Yahoo! mail as your main email account, you might not be receiving all of your emails. What is Yahoo thinking??? Recently Yahoo has started "greylisting extremely deprioritizing" almost every email that goes through their mail server. Greylisting This is a way of attempting to block...
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Unique Information Will Help You Get Better Rankings
Unique Content equals Better Rankings
Unique content will help you rank better in the search engines. So you have a website and you want to rank well in the search engines. Well, you need to think about what you customers need and then define your unique value proposition. First if you don't understand your customers you will never do...
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The Power of the Title Tag in Rankings
Great Title Tags
Give every page a unique title that is focused on that specific page's keywords. One of the main things that unknowing webmasters do is create pages that have all the same title. This happens because they do one of the following: tagThey use a template for their html and don't take the time to change...
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Problems with Too Many Designers
Too Many Designers
The reason there are problems with having too many people involved in a web design. Recently there has been a bit of buzz about the problems associated with having too many people involved in a web design project. SEOmoz provided the following two graphs: Now this...
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IE 7 Embraces RSS With Great Functionality
Internet Explorer 7 RSS Feed
The new RSS feed reader in Internet Explored 7 (IE 7) has a number of really good features to facilitate better RSS feed reading. While there are many people worried about how quickly IE 7 will roll out (especially after all of the bugs people have been reporting lately). However, I would like to commend...
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