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Goals - What is the Real Purpose of Your Website
Website Goals
Writing specific goals is the only way to know if your website is being successful.One of the first things I ask new clients is "What are your expectations for your site?" Understanding what they feel is success will ensure that I address their specific needs and desires. If I fail to address...
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Blogs a New Way of Doing the Same Old Thing
Blogs - Information Superhighway
Blogs or web logs are great, cost efficient ways of providing up-to-date information for clients and search engines.Lately it seems that Blogs have become the craze of the Internet. Everyone has one: dentists, artists, CEOs, poor starving college students, everyone. Blogs are a wonderful way to quickly...
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Free Stock Photography
Free Stock Photography
Stock.XCHNG is a great place to get royalty free, free stock photography. There is finally a place where people from around the world can share their amazing stock photography for free, Stock.XCHNG. After searching through many websites that charge $400+ for a single image, I've come across a gem...
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Compelling Pictures Can Make or Break Any Design
Compelling Pictures
Great pictures can add spice to any design and bad pictures can ruin even the best design. There is a great difference between taking pictures and capturing that perfect moment that will forever be cherished thanks to your foresight. All great images play on our emotions. Hopefully this blog will help...
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Why are Website Statistics so Important?
Why Track Website Visitors
Tracking is the single most important thing you will do with your website. Do you have a tracking plan that allows you to know... How many people visited your site What keywords they used to get there How often they come back What pages are looked at Which pages aren't looked at Which page...
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Website Browser Safe Fonts
Browser Safe Fonts
I have been asked many times why people always use Times New Roman or Arial on their websites. Unfortunately, the reason is very simple. There are only a handful of fonts that look similar that are installed by default on both Windows and Macs. Consequently, these "browser safe fonts" find...
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The 5-9 Rule - Building a Good Navigation Structure
The 5-9 Rule
Website navigation should never be larger than 9 items. People can only remember 5-9 chunks of new information at a time. Do you know that it has been scientifically proven that the average human can remember 7 plus/minus 2 chunks of information? George A. Miller, who has a PhD in Psychology...
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One Click Wonders - Keep it Simple
One Click Wonders
Simplify, simplify, simplify. Seth Godin, the marketing guru who wrote "The Big Red Fez" and "The Purple Cow" argues that people on the web are like stupid monkeys wearing a big red fez. Make it simple or they will go somewhere else where it will be simpler. For example, have you ever been at...
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Building a website is easy as P.I.E.
Website Design Tips
The three things that all compelling web sites do are entertain, inform, and provide contact information. If any one of these items is missing, the web site will not be effective. Ever consider why the World Wide Web is also known as "The Information Superhighway?" Information, information,...
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Is Good Coding Key to Great Placement in MSN
Good Coding for Ranking in MSN
The two "big dogs," Google and Yahoo, now have a new competitor. MSN came out with a new search engine in February 2005 that has added good coding as a part of their ranking algorithm. They no longer get their results from other search engines, but now they have spiders of their own. Just...
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Need Help Picking Website Colors?
Color Picker
Trying to find that perfect color combination can be a difficult process at times. I've finally found a little color tool that will give you monochromatic, analogous, complementary, triadic, and split complementary colors for any given web color. I originally found this colorwheel by Antone Roundy....
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Web Design vs. Graphic Design
Web Design vs. Graphic Design
There are numerous graphic designers out there who really know their stuff when it comes to print design, brochure layout, and Pantone Matching System (pms). However, not all graphic designers are good web designers. Web design is a totally different medium where the "paper size" (the screen...
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