January 2007 Gets a Double Dose of PageRank

PageRank Update 2007

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PageRank updates for the second time in January 2007. 

Well, Google is at it again. After a PageRank update just over 2 weeks ago, PageRank has again changed. While there is debate as to whether this is a "new update" or just old PageRank still lingering around in the toolbar, one thing is for sure, the little green bar is on the move. Over at Search Engine Roundtable they had this to say:

On January 9th we reported the last Google PageRank update. It seems too soon for an other PageRank update to be happening, but anything is possible.

This is either a new PageRank push to the Toolbar or it is still some data fluctuations of the old PageRank push.

From my point of view it looks like "old data" resurfacing. However, it could be due to the attempt to eliminate Google Bombing. Matt Cutts takes up the "help you understand" position again when he explains the scope of eliminating the Googlebomb.

Technically that example is not a Googlebomb, because the site in question "wants" to show up for the query. A Googlebomb happens when someone pushes "someone else’s" site up for a query. Another example is [french military victories]. That’s not a Googlebomb, because the #1 site wants to rank at #1. That’s just straight-out SEO. This change only targets Googlebombs.

Who knows if the two are related. However, normally any algorithm change can directly impact PageRank (however this normally wouldn't be visible for another 3 mornths or so), but I'm rather skeptical that they would release new PageRank information just for this. More than likely they had a bad batch of PageRank get released and had to re-release more accurate information.