IE 7 Embraces RSS With Great Functionality

Internet Explorer 7 RSS Feed

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Simple but useful RSS feed interface

The new RSS feed reader in Internet Explored 7 (IE 7) has a number of really good features to facilitate better RSS feed reading.

While there are many people worried about how quickly IE 7 will roll out (especially after all of the bugs people have been reporting lately). However, I would like to commend them on their RSS Feed interface.

There are three features that I really like. I absolutely love the option to filter by category. This gives you the option to quickly view only those items in the category that you want to read. It hides the other categories.

The second feature is the built in "comments" section that displays a nice little comment icon and link to the comments section of the blog.

The third is the search feature that dyamically hides feeds that don't match your criteria as you type into the search box. Very cool, very useful.

Other nice features are the ability to sort by date, article name, and author.

It looks like the IE 7 team has put quite a bit of thought and functionality into this new RSS reader. With IE and Firefox both promoting RSS it should be a great addition to any site because RSS isn't going to go away anytime in the new future.

The only suggestion I have for the IE team is to provide a "been there, done that" kind of functionality to know exactly which feeds have been read and which ones are "hot off the presses". I doubt it will be long before they add that functionality. However, I still must give kudos to Microsoft for embracing RSS.