Don't Make Your Website Look Like An Ad

Write Better Web Copy

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If your website looks, feels, or sounds like an ad, you are losing sales.

I read a great book recently, Web Copy that Sells, and she had a great formula for providing information in a way that will 1) get read and 2) make sales.

"Your website should provide the solid information that your prospect is looking for, and should have an editorial feel to it. Above all, it should be free of hype. Why? Because people usually go online to find information. Few people log on saying, "I can't wait to see ads, and I can't wait to buy stuff!" No, that usually doesn't happen.

People go online to find information. That's why they call it the information superhighway. Even if they are shopping for something - say a DVD player or a hair restoration product-they are generally seeking information, not advertising about those products."

We've said it before and I'm sure we'll say it again, but good content is what will bring more people into your site and ultimately make the sale over any other gimmick or marketing ploy. Just follow the three steps above:

  1. Provide solid information that they are looking for
  2. Give it with an editorial feel
  3. Avoid all the hype
Now, this list implictly provides things not to do as well. Don't focus on information that they don't want or care about, while still allowing the power users to find the nitty gritty details that they want. Focus on how it will benefit them. Don't be the oily used car salesman either. Provide the information the way you would to your own mother. Be very upfront with the pros and cons. Finally, if you provide good enough information, you will have gotten the sale without all the needed hype.