The Power of the Title Tag in Rankings

Great Title Tags

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Give every page a unique title that is focused on that specific page's keywords.

One of the main things that unknowing webmasters do is create pages that have all the same title. This happens because they do one of the following:

We'll put it another way, would you ever label this picture like this?

This is a duck (well not really)

No you wouldn't. So why do so many people label their pages with the same title.

Why label all your pages with the same name

As you can see, Google has to guess which page is really the most important with that title and places the rest in the supplemental index. I absolutely love this post over at WebMasterWorld because it is spot on.

While making all your page titles the same may be convenient, it might also be called "suicidal" if you care about organic search results or site usability.

To emphasize what Jim is saying, I have seen identical titles cause archived pages on a major corporate site to go supplemental... not returned in a site:domain search unless you turn off the dupe filter... even though the pages had highly differentiated content.

Oversimplifying a bit... the unit of optimization is the page. The page title is your most powerful onpage optimizing element. Why would you want to throw away the most important tool you have?

As he states the title tag is "your most powerful onpage optimizing element." In order to fully utilize the title tag you need to: