Boosting the Confidence of Your Customers

Trust, Credibility, and Persuasion

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Credibility plays an important role in convincing your customers to purchase from you.

Many doctors specialize in a particular field; people trust them because they are experts in the field they choose. What can you do to make your company look like an expert with your website? You have to be able to build your customers' trust and your own credibility. By doing so, you will persuade your customers that you are the best choice.

You can help build your visitors' confidence by:

If your visitors are confident and trust your website, they will be much more likely to purchase (or take whatever other action you want). Therefore, you have the task of persuading each visitor that you are the best choice.

Dr. Dean Shibata performed a study in 2001 that revealed that emotions are an inseparable part of making decisions. In order to persuade your visitors to act, you need to appeal to their emotions. Confidence is a feeling that can be drawn upon in order to persuade. If your customers are confident, they have involved their emotions and are that much closer to decision making.

Putting it all together, it is important that your website inspires trust, boosts confidence, establishes confidence, and stirs emotions. All of these factors acting together will help increase the effectiveness of your website.