Is Your Logo a Waste of Space?

Logo Size in Website Layout

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Your logo is taking up important screen space. Don't let it take up valuable space that could be convincing your prospective customers to purchase from you.

I've been telling clients for years that their logo doesn't need to take up half the space on their website. Your customers didn't come there to look at your amazing logo. They came there to get information, buy your product, and learn about your services. Well, now I have some backup for my position.

Maria Veloso's says the same thing in her book "Web Copy that Sells".

Often, the first screen is the first, last, and only thing people see on a website before they click away. For this reason, don't make the mistake many companies do of putting a large logo or your company name in gigantic letters on that screen. Some companies do this for branding purposes, but in most cases the company name and logo don't have to take up half of the first screen. Your logo doesn't need to be large-it's not a selling feature. While it may stroke your ego, it won't increase your sales. An oversized logo wastes valuable selling space.

While I believe that you should have your logo on your site, preferably in a common place (top left or top center), however, this is prime real estate of your website. Don't waste it. Your logo merely reassures the person that they are at the site the wanted to be at (if they are revisiting). What will be more important is the actual content on that page, including your headings and images that reinforce the real reason the person came to your site.