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Blogs - Information Superhighway

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Blogging - Information, Information, Information

Blogs or web logs are great, cost efficient ways of providing up-to-date information for clients and search engines.

Lately it seems that Blogs have become the craze of the Internet. Everyone has one: dentists, artists, CEOs, poor starving college students, everyone. Blogs are a wonderful way to quickly and cost effectively publish new information on the web. Recent blog programs provide user friendly ways of allowing everyone to publish their thoughts, political views, etc. on the web without the aid of a website programmer.

Although this craze seems to be the "new way" of doing things on the web, it really is the same old thing web designers have stated for years. Websites should provide up-to-date, compelling information to capture new clients and keep existing ones. Blogs merely facilitate this by removing many of the obstacles to updating websites (slow web designers, information transmission (you submit your blog and it is immediately live and on the web), and editors just to mention a few). The same results can be accomplished by a good content management system (CMS) and a dedicated employee in charge of the website.

Search engines have loved and hated this move to blogs. They love blogs because there is new, recent, updated information to provide to their searching customers. Unfortunately, it also loads their databases with entries about aunt Julie's cat and why the girl that sits next to Nate always picks her nose.

Blogs have many advantages:

They also have their disadvantages:

While those members of the blogger community, who demand up-to-date information about events that happened 3 minutes ago, currently have a definite impact on the world wide web, we will have to wait and see if this craze will pass with time or if this new way of doing the same old thing will become the only way. Until then, I'll keep optimizing and updating the article, i mean blog, section of my website.