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Trying to find that perfect color combination can be a difficult process at times. I've finally found a little color tool that will give you monochromatic, analogous, complementary, triadic, and split complementary colors for any given web color. I originally found this colorwheel by Antone Roundy. I didn't like a few things about his layout so I decided to tweak it a little bit. He had placed the Hex and RGB colors on top of the color swatch. Unfortunately this doesn't give you a true color because your eye will magically mix the color of the text into the color of the swatch behind it, defeating the purpose.

So, I took his code and tweaked it a bit to create my own color wheel-color picker. My swatches require that you hover over them to get the Hex and RGB value.

This little tool can help pick out that perfect color combination for any website. However, caution should be taken because this tool does not limit to the "web- safe" color palette. Furthermore, you should realize that every monitor displays colors a little differently, so your beautiful gold color might show up a diaper do-do green on another monitor that hasn't been calibrated.

If you come up with any color combinations that you think are just amazing, please add a comment below with the Hex (Ex. #962300) and RGB (Ex. (150,35,10)) colors for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Please note that this tool requires javascript.