Why are Website Statistics so Important?

Why Track Website Visitors

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Why are Website Statistics so Important? Why Track Website Visitors?

Tracking is the single most important thing you will do with your website.

Do you have a tracking plan that allows you to know...

These are all very important things that can help you fix the areas that are falling behind. Many hosting companies provide a tracking program that can help you answer all of these questions.

The other side of tracking is doing something about the results. You need to have a plan to update, maintain, and improve your web site on a monthly, if not weekly basis. These updates also fall back on the entertainment aspect of goals of a web site. Why do people read the funny papers every week? New, customer needs focused content is extremely important to getting and retaining customers.

Make sure you track your progress as you make updates. See what motivates your customers. Constantly examine your definition of your customer. Has it changed? What do you need to do to adapt to the change in needs?

Every product has a lifecycle. It has been proven that the most money is made in the earlier introduction of the product. Tracking customers' needs can help companies identify new trends and adapt quicker. This can mean larger profits than other companies that are slower to adapt. However, you'll never adapt if you don't track!