How can I Increase my PageRank

Increase PageRank

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Here's a freebie for improved search engine optimization and increased PageRank.

I was recently received the following question on one of my articles:

I am a Coldwell Banker agent in [city] [state]. My Web site is [website] How can I get better PageRank? - D. Heck

(city,state, and website have been removed to protect the poster)

I have been asked how to increase PageRank a number of times and so I'll provide a quick checklist of things to do. Mr. Heck you should:

  1. Read all of the articles on this site about PageRank and SEO (Search Engine Optimization.
  2. Get rid of all of your SPAM on your site. (You know, the 322 keywords that have been stuffed between "Buyers looking for.... and much more!" and the following 3 paragraphs of SPAM. You should be glad you have any PageRank at all since that is more than enough to get you BANNED from the search engines.
  3. Fix your Title and Meta tags. (They are filled with SPAM) For basic information see our SEO Basics Page.
  4. Remove the hidden comment tags with stuffed keywords. (More SPAM)
  5. Talk to other realtors and get some links pointing to your site. (To check the number of links that Google has on file type in "" without the quotes in google and see that you only have one link (and it is from your own site)

There is a basic checklist. If you do read all the articles in our Search Engine Optimization Tips, you will have a much better grasp on why you have little PageRank and what you should do. As your page sits right now, I wouldn't want to touch it for fear of being associated with a site that will more than likely be banned. If I were you, I'd get rid of the SPAM before the search engines get rid of your site.