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Call to Action

While full of good online marketing information, Call to Action is a not a book to sit down and read in an hour or two.

Well after almost an entire year, I have finally finished "Call to Action" - Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg.

Although packed full of information and great ideas, it was an extremely slow read. It was only after I was stuck on an airplane for hours on end that I was able to plow through this book. I took tons of notes while reading and was able to implement most of them directly into websites that were in the works. However, because of the "information overload" it took a long time to get through.

While reading it was very obvious to see that they did have an "agenda" for writing the book. They really push increasing conversion to increase Return on Investment (ROI). However, I really liked what they had to say about resolving concerns at the Point of Action (POA).

Overall it was a worthwhile read (if you have a couple of months to digest everything). I'd give it 4 of 5 stars.