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PageRank Update - PageRank (PR) 2005 is alive and thriving
PageRank Update
NOTICE: PageRank Update has begun as of April 23, 2005. Please visit our blog on this update. For many of the diligent PageRank (PR) followers out there who have been pulling their hair out trying to figure out when Google is going to update their toolbar, you need not worry because you can know...
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PageRank is Dead. Long Live mozRank
PageRank replaced by mozRank
PageRank is dead. Really. It's not coming back. Thankfully we have mozRank. PageRank is not Rankings I want to make sure that you don't think that PageRank is how well your page ranks for a given keyword set. PageRank was Google's original idea of how to give weight or a numerical value to...
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January 2007 Gets a Double Dose of PageRank
PageRank Update 2007
PageRank updates for the second time in January 2007. Well, Google is at it again. After a PageRank update just over 2 weeks ago, PageRank has again changed. While there is debate as to whether this is a "new update" or just old PageRank still lingering around in the toolbar, one thing...
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How can I Increase my PageRank
Increase PageRank
Here's a freebie for improved search engine optimization and increased PageRank. I was recently received the following question on one of my articles: I am a Coldwell Banker agent in [city] [state]. My Web site is [website] How can I get better PageRank? - D. Heck (city,state, and website have...
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Google Updates PageRank - Google Dance Begins
PageRank Update
Well it has begun. The long awaited Google PageRank Update has begun for April 2005. After nearly four months of waiting (the last update was done on January 1st, 2005) we have begun seeing the PageRank update on the Google toolbar. We commented on a new tool that could inform you of the current...
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Live PageRank Dead or Changing
Live PageRank
Live PageRank, a popular tool among Search Engine Optimizers and Website Designers, has either shut down or is being updated. Ever since Google began updating the PageRank on their toolbar every 3 months instead of every month, people have tried to guess their "current" or "live PageRank"....
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PageRank Update Leaves People Puzzled
BigDaddy PageRank Update
A new toolbar PageRank update has gone into effect after the BigDaddy shake up and it has left many SEOs a bit puzzled. When Google decides to shake things up, it SHAKES things up.Matt Cutts said the following about the BigDaddy Update and the recent PageRank update:Q: “Now that Bigdaddy is...
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Jagger Update - Google's October 2005 PageRank Update
Jagger Update
Jagger Updates - Google's October 2005 PageRank/BackLink Updates will come in smaller pieces and quick frequent updates. The recent October 2005 PageRank update has changed from the normal 3 month PageRank updates we have been seeing. This update, codenamed "Jagger", will come out in...
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Back to the Dark Ages of PageRank
White Hats Suffer in Recent Backlink Update
The June 2006 PageRank and Backlink update has left some white hat SEOs puzzled. Well another PageRank update has come and gone and unfortunately it took many links with it. We aren't sure yet (and Matt has yet to comment) as to the reason for this drop in the amount of pages displayed after using...
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Is Google Having a Machine Crisis? Get Real.
Machine Crisis - Servers Full
Is Google having a server crisis. No way! Many people have been commenting on an article written by the New York Times where Eric Schmidt said, "Those machines are full. We have a huge machine crisis." Unfortunately, many of the blogs written about it are reading too much into a single, out-of-context...
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Google Changes its Link Ranking in Big Daddy
Reciprocal Links Lose Value
The recent Big Daddy update at Google has changed the way Google ranks reciprocal links. Well Matt Cutts just opened a lot of webmasters' eyes about why their pages were disappearing from the Google index (and it appears that we were right on in our thinking). However, Matt did go on to...
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Placement in the directory - Pure Power
DMOZ / Google Directory
Many people may wonder why anyone would jump through all of the hoops to get listed in the DMOZ directory ( They would argue that nobody uses the dmoz directory to find businesses. Well, people might not use the dmoz directory like they use yahoo or google, (some people might not even...
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If Content is King, Linking is Queen
Linking is Queen - Content is King
If Content is King then surely Linking is Queen. And we all know who really rules the kingdom. I came across a great article that built on the well known saying that content is king by saying that "Content is King, but Linking is Queen." Content and Linking go hand in hand if the site is going...
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What exactly is a bot like Googlebot
Googlebot and other Spiders
Googlebot, Yahoo Slurp, and MSNbot and similar spiders, bots, and crawlers are the programs that harvest information for search engines. For anyone tracking statistics on their website, Googlebot, MSNbot, and Yahoo Slurp can be welcomed guests. These three search engine bots gather (harvest)...
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Free SEO Report - Review
Free SEO Report
A quick review of Shoemoney's "Free SEO Report". I've been a big Shoemoney follower for a long time, but when I read about his latest adventure I was suprised because I had already used the service - Free SEO Report, without knowing that he was behind it. Here is a quick review: The report contains...
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Google Sitemaps
Google Sitemap Statistics
Google Sitemaps are getting better at showing you a compiled snapshot of how Google views your web pages. Ever really wondered how Google views your pages? Well if you haven't used Google Sitemaps yet, you might just consider it. You don't even have to create a sitemap for your site to benefit from...
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How to Determine if Your Website is Successful
Successful Website Metrics
Making sure that you pick the correct metric to measure is extremely important to having a truly successful website. Recently on SEOmoz's whiteboard friday they discussed how to keep clients happy. Much of the conversation focused around knowing what determines success. A point that I thought was extremely...
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Better Links for Better Ranking
Linking and Search Engines
The type, authority, quality, and quantity of links that link to your site is critical to great search engine placement. The Internet is based on links. Plain and simple. That is why we call it the world wide web. Pages interlinking between hundreds and thousands of other pages creating an enormous web...
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Top 10 Key Search Factors in 2007
Top 10 Key Search Factors
There is a great discussion going on over at SearchEngineWatch about the "Top 10 Key Search Factors in 2007." The initial proposed list looks like this (with my comments after the topic):Content - As we've mentioned before Content is King. However, with so many social networks (digg, reddit,...
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Allinanchor, Allintitle, Allintext and other Google Keywords
Google Keywords
Google Keywords like: Allinanchor Allintitle Allintext Site Link can give you a greater understanding of how to get better placement in Google. Each of these keywords can help you understand better where you can focus your efforts to increase your ranking in Google. Here is a breakdown...
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SEO and Forget It
Google's Sandbox - SEO
In this "fast-food", "fast-paced", "broadband" era, many people don't realize that it takes time to get out of the sandbox before they can move up on the search engines. I don't know if it is just the fast-paced time that we live in, or if people have just forgotten that patience is a virtue,...
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Are reciprocal links losing their importance?
Reciprocal Links vs. Authoritative Links
One-way, "authoritative" links, may become the new wave of linking and leave reciprocal links in the dust (or the grave). As long as there are people in the world that do search engine optimization (SEO), there will be change in the ways that search engines rank sites. This latest change...
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