Don't Make These Mistakes in Your Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Mistakes

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Too many companies fail in these incorrect assumptions about SEO when dealing with search engine optimization to get first page results. Rand Fishkin mentioned these two ways companies often incorrectly approach SEO. The biggest mistakes I see around SEO is that they consider it two ways, both of which are dead wrong, and both of which will cost you a competitive advantage to someone who thinks about it correctly.

Mistake #1: SEO is something you tack on after you have built your website, service, product, etc.

SEO is best accomplished when it is integrated in the entire website development process. If you don't have SEO in mind from the beginning for what keywords you need to rank for, who your customer is, and what they really want, then you are wasting your marketing dollars.

"If you architect SEO from the beginning of your productization...You will build something TEN times better than what someone who is doing it after the fact can do."
The first mistake is that they think SEO is something that they tack on after they have built their product, service, website, whatever. You have a lot of these big companies, media companies, e-commerce companies, traditional companies, even consulting services, whatever business they are, and they think, build a website, get the product, oh right, SEO lets add that in too.
That is the worst move you can make. If you architect SEO from the beginning of your productization, if you put it in with the product group, the strategic group, you will build something TEN times better than what someone who is doing it after the fact can do. If you don’t have that expertise when you start product planning, you are just going to lose out to the people who did. And that is a tragedy. If you want to have a win in this department you have got to do it.

Mistake #2: SEO is a one time activity

They think SEO is a one time activity. Oh right, we've got to do SEO for the website. Hey did we do that yet? We contracted someone last year. OK. Good. We did our SEO. That is a dumb move. Is marketing a one time activity? Do you hire a marketing department for a few months and then, ok, we are all done-we’ve done our marketing. We don’t have to do anything else.
If you are not tracking things over time, be aware that people are searching in your space. If you are staying flat which happens to a ton of people they look and say, "Well SEO isn’t growing for us but it isn’t shrinking."
I’m here to tell you it is shrinking. Every month there are 10, 12, 15% more queries on Google, on Yahoo, on Bing than the month before. So if you are looking flat or not trending up in the same direction as your industry, you are loosing share to competitors. This is something people don’t think about when they look at their numbers.

If you have subscribed to either of these antiquated philosophies, call us today or fill out our form to build your website the correct way from the ground up.