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Be First Page in the Search Engines

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Being on the first page of the search engine results, like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, not only will improve your ROI but will increase your brand image.

According to a new study more than half of search engine users will click on the very first page of results.

Too many people spend thousands of dollars on a website that will not be found because it is not made with search engine optimization in mind. Although being in the first three pages of results is good, being on the first page of results has even more advantages because of increased ROI from clicks and increased brand image. If we correlate this information with the search engine usage statistics we will quickly see that being on the first page of Google is key to getting more customers.

Increasing Brand Image Through First Page Placement

36% of search engine users believe that the companies whose websites are returned at the top of the search results are the top brands in their field.

A percentage of search engine users ascribe industry leadership to those brands within top results, and believe them to be leaders in their fields given their placement in the results. Cleary, this brand lift is a critical element for brand marketers.

These new statistics show that SEO is critical to not only helping clients find your website, but also provide those same customers with an increased sense of leadership in your field.