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BigDaddy Update

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Although the "Big Daddy" update has happened at Google, many data centers are still in flux.

Matt Cutts, Google employee and avid blogger, recently commented that the Big Daddy Update was fully deployed:

Q: “Is Bigdaddy fully deployed?”
A: Yes, I believe every data center now has the Bigdaddy upgrade in software infrastructure, as of this weekend.

However, for the past week or so, I have noticed my backlinks bouncing back and forth between last month's numbers and 3 months ago. Many other website designers have also commented about this increasing flux in results due to BigDaddy. Hopefully things will start to settle down in the upcoming days.

For those of you who don't know how to check your backlinks simply type in or link:[YourDomainHere]. You will notice that Google doesn't show all incoming links. Many people suggest using to get a more accurate count of incoming links. I personally like to use Yahoo!'s Site Explorer. It allows for easy access into domains that link to you as well as looking at who links to them.