PageRank Update Leaves People Puzzled

BigDaddy PageRank Update

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PageRank Update

A new toolbar PageRank update has gone into effect after the BigDaddy shake up and it has left many SEOs a bit puzzled. 

When Google decides to shake things up, it SHAKES things up.

Matt Cutts said the following about the BigDaddy Update and the recent PageRank update:

Q: “Now that Bigdaddy is out, will there be a new export of PageRank anytime soon?” and “Will the deployment of BigDaddy stabilize the rolling PR issues we are experiencing at present?”
A: I’ll ask around about that. If there aren’t any logistical obstacles, I’ll ask if we could make a new set of PageRanks visible within the next couple weeks. I’d expect that as Bigdaddy stabilizes everywhere, the variation in toolbar PR for individual urls is more like to settle down too.

Well I'm not to sure they have settled down or just gotten crazier. For example, for a normal site, the index (or homepage) normally has the highest PageRank. However, after this PageRank update, many people (including some of my sites) have underlying pages that out rank their homepage. This would probably lead to supplementary subpages showing up higher in the SERPs. In other words, the home page has a 4 and the About us page has a 5.

People have claimed that the update finished yesterday. However, with the rolling backlinks caused by BigDaddy that I reported today I'm still not that convinced.

Although many discard updates to the Toolbar PageRank as "old news" because it really isn't showing a "current" PageRank, I still believe it shows a trend that can help sites adjust to changes in the algorithms. And with this major difference that people are seeing, SEOs might really need to take a step back and examine why certain pages are outranking their homepage