Simple Steps to Increase Landing Page ROI

Landing Page Conversions

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Easy and simple steps to increase landing page conversions and ROI.

You've brought people to your site through great SEO or PPC, but now what. What can you do to help make sure that those people buy?

Here are some simple ideas from EMC to increase landing page conversions.

  1. Include an image along with the offer for visual appeal. Make sure that the image reinforces your branding and product.
  2. Reduce or eliminate navigation to keep visitors focused on the goal and reduce distraction. You want to funnel them toward your goal. Don't give them multiple exits. Use in-page modal windows to give them additional information without removing them from the page.
  3. Keep the look and feel consistent with your primary website so consumers immediately recognize your brand. Consistancy is the key.
  4. Use a compelling call to action that ties in to the offer. For example, the copy for a retail promotional offer could have a call to action such as, "Buy Now and Save 10 Percent." Make it a must have, must have now! offer.
  5. Minimize data collection as much as possible to decrease abandonment. If you must collect additional information, try moving those fields to a form on a second page. For example, if you want customers to register with your site, why not make the registration part of your confirmation page. They have finished shopping, and now have time to "divert attention" to something else.
  6. Whenever asking for personal information, include privacy and security statements to help establish trust and remove hesitancy from the point of action. People want to make sure you don't sell their info or spam them to death. A clear policy helps you and your customers be on the same page.

The main point is to get out of your customer's way. Anything that keeps them from quickly purchasing is a downfall to any retail site.