Business Week Article Shows SEO Increases Revenue

SEO Increases Revenues

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Just another example of how realign/redesigning your website with SEO can increase revenue.

While us in the SEO industry already know this little tidbit, it was nice to see an article written in Business Week about how SEO and a properly designed website can increase revenues. The redesign and search engine optimization (SEO) increased her revenues by 45%. Here are a few of the good excerpts:

The biggest challenge for us has always been reaching new customers. Two years ago, we felt like we'd hit a plateau: 80% of our customers were in California, 20% were in other U.S. states, and we'd sold to only two overseas clients. I knew there was a bigger world out there, but I didn't know how to make them aware of our company.

That's when I decided to pay for a professional redesign of our Web site, which I had created myself, and have it optimized so it would show up prominently in online search results at places like Google.

Over the last 18 months, our customer demographics have completely changed and our revenues are up 45%. Our customer makeup is now 33% from California, 66% from other U.S. states, and we've done 55 international transactions.

I had to pick the right search engine optimization specialist and be willing to learn what they would do, and how I could help. If I had just hired somebody to optimize my site and then wiped my hands of it, I'm not sure how great the results would've been. She had to learn everything about my industry in order to do her job right, and I had to stay involved with the process...

There were a number of really good point brought up in the article.

  1. She already had a site that she "had created herself", but it wasn't creating results. Too many people believe that web design requires no other skills than buying FrontPage. This couldn't be farther from the truth.
  2. Redesign/Realign and SEO went hand in hand. Too many times sites that aren't built with an SEO perspective will never rank well. They are missing too many of the basics. Most will need major modifications to the underlying code besides the actual information that is presented.
  3. Be involved. You know your industry. You should have a pretty good idea of the keywords and phrases that people use to find your product, and other keywords that you want people to find you under. (However, don't get caught up in trying to "read the label from inside the bottle". Accept ideas and suggestions from your web designer. You hired them for a reason.