2010 SEO and Website Predictions

SEO and Website Predictions

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2010 will be the year of shorter, more concise, and quicker information.

I read SEOmoz's 8 predictions for SEO in 2010 and figured I'd make my own (some of which I total agree with SEOmoz.

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization will take off. After reading Call to Action by the Eisenberg brothers I was convinced. Increasing conversions or conversion rate optimization is the absolute best way to make more money in the long run. (But we knew it was important back in 2005.)
  2. Advertising dollars will go to social media. With more and more people interacting through tiny messages (first texting, then facebook status updates, then tweets) it becomes even more important to interact on social sites. Marketing DollarsEveryone wants to hear and be heard. Also with Facebook's advertising being so targeted, you have an amazing opportunity to hit your specific demographic.
  3. Facebook status and twitter will increase in ranking importance. As Google tweaks its ranking algorithm to incorporate these messages, they will face an uphill battle to filter the noise and get at the real information. I am sure that it will cause a comparison between real sites and the tweets that point at them. Plus because of the quick nature of these items, Google will have to index faster and evaluate faster to identify those things that are important and also determine how "lasting" the information is. 
  4. Both Google and Bing will attempt to become more sticky. Finding ways to present the information in short concise snippets without leaving the search engine will improve usability and will increase revenues from increased time spent on the respective engine.
  5. Everything is going to smaller, simpler, and quicker messages. If it can't be said in 140 characters then I haven't focused the message enough. The texting/twitter world will continue to have its impact on how people want their information. They don't want to truly interact. They want to say what they want to say without all of the previous years' perfunctory requirements of protocol.

All in all, people will demand their information quicker and in short, concise, to-the-point snippets. Social media is in, traditional media continues to flounder. You will be required to know your audience even better and provide them with information quicker. Seems like we will all need to step up to the next level.