The Easy Way to Increase Website Revenue

Increase Conversion - Increase Revenue

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Increase your website conversion rate first, and then focus on increasing traffic.

Three primary ways to increase website revenue are mentioned in Call to Action:

The book mainly focuses on conversion, and merely mentions the other two. The Eisenberg brothers say:

To build a solid structure, you must first build a website that focuses on maximizing conversion, then improve its merchandising, and only then undertake to drive more traffic. It is the only sane and logical order.

If you already have visitors coming to your website, the simplest way to increase your revenue is to increase conversion. There are many small changes that you can make to a website that may help increase conversion. If you change too many things at once, you may make some bad changes that negate the good.

The best way to approach increasing conversions is to make a tiny change then wait. Watch to see if it had a good or a bad impact. If good, keep it and try another change; if not, switch back and try another change. This will help you see exactly how much each change will affect your customers and your conversion rate.

In theory, this process can continue until you have a 100% conversion rate. However, most companies won't achieve quite so high a number. Set a goal for your company's conversion rate—if you attain it, push it higher. You can always be working to make your website more appealing to your customers.