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Relevant Words on the Home Page

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Your customers are looking for specific and relevant keywords on every page including your homepage.

There are many different features about your customers that can affect what they are looking for on a website and how they act. In order to increase conversions from your website, it is important to focus on what your customers really want. People look for links that contain specific words; if you know your customers, you can provide those keywords and information for your customers.

Jared Spool, who studies user interfaces, is quoted in Call to Action:

It turned out that users were far more successful at finding their targets when the description words, which they told us before they saw the website, appeared on the home page.

Most people on your website know what they are looking for. If they find something that looks similar, they will follow it. If it doesn't lead where they want, they use that handy back button in their browser and start over at the beginning. Consequently, having relevant information with the proper keywords on your home page is very important.

Some important things to remember:

Customers may want to look around your website before they finally decide to act, so it is crucial to provide a way to take action on every page. Doing so will help you meet your goals and give you higher conversion rates. Don't let your customers get lost looking for information; make it easy for them. It will make them want to come back again and again.