A Goal for Every Page

Individual Web Page Goals

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Get specific. And stick to it.

I know we have spoken a lot about strategy and goals lately, but I can't stress how important it is to have a focus for your website. While reading "Web Word Wizardry" by Rachel McAlpine, she made a very good point.

In a broad sense, every commercial web site owner wants the same things:

  • More Traffic
  • More Action
  • More Customers
  • More Income

Most organizations want their web sites to be cost-effective at the very least; many want their sites to generate income, preferably zillions of dollars.

However, as a web writer, you need a sharper sense of strategy than just a fuzzy wish list. You need a clear picture of your audience. You also must keep in mind your key message and your goal.

Good web sites have an overall strategy for the entire site, plus a goal for every single page.

I couldn't agree more. Too many people just want a web site to make them money. However, they lack a unique selling proposition and only have a "fuzzy wish list", if even that. If you can't tell me why someone should buy from you, or at a minimum tell me why I should even listen to you, then you will never make it on the web. Stand out. Be bold. Know who your audience is and write for them. If you don't, your competition will.

In a broad sense, every business wants to make money. Some make money. Some don't. Some understand how to reach their customers. Others close shop saying, "Why didn't I make it? I'm just like everyone else..." On the web your mantra must be "Action, action, action." Have a purpose for every page. Have a process for funneling all customers to the specific action you want them to take.

Make it as easy as possible to accomplish and you will see better results. Guaranteed! Now go out there and start reaching your customers, today.