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Google PageRank Update April 2005

Well it has begun. The long awaited Google PageRank Update has begun for April 2005. After nearly four months of waiting (the last update was done on January 1st, 2005) we have begun seeing the PageRank update on the Google toolbar.

We commented on a new tool that could inform you of the current PageRank of any page just last week in our April 16th blog. Well now after this update we will know for sure how well this tool can tell what the current PageRank is without the use of the Google toolbar. I was checking my "current" PageRank with my new found tool when all of a sudden I noticed that my existing PageRank had changed. I almost couldn't believe my eyes. I knew that we were due for an update any day, and all of sudden it was happening.

So I started refreshing the page, and there before my eyes was the "Google Dance" in all its majesty. I had to just sit and watch as the many different sites that I have been watching jumped up and down in PageRank, like a well orchestrated dance.

PageRank watchers around the world will be dancing with glee (or possilby crying over dropping a point) after this long awaited update. Personally, I will be waiting patiently for everything to settle down to see if the searchengineengine site has truly stumbled across the way to instantly know what your PageRank is without having to wait for an update from Google.