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DMOZ - open directory project

Many people may wonder why anyone would jump through all of the hoops to get listed in the DMOZ directory ( They would argue that nobody uses the dmoz directory to find businesses. Well, people might not use the dmoz directory like they use yahoo or google, (some people might not even know what the dmoz directory is, while others might be disgusted with the amount of time the dmoz is "unavailable" (read downtime)). However, getting placed in the dmoz directory can have a major impact on getting better rankings in google and getting more traffic to your website.

What is the dmoz directory?

The DMOZ also know as the Open Directory Project is "largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors." What this really means is that it takes forever for your business to be listed in the dmoz directory. Unlike search engines that send out spiders to find new content to add to their databases, the dmoz is entirely run by human volunteers. A human has to find time in their busy life to look through hundreds of submissions and decide which submissions truly should be listed in their category. They also check to make sure that you have submitted your information (Title of your page, short description, etc) correctly. Failing to provide correct information or choosing the wrong category will delay your listing from ever showing up in the directory.

So why take the time?

Now, although this process can take months, getting listed definitely has its advantages. First, most of the Open Directory Project pages have a nice PageRank which will be advantageous for anyone trying to get quality inbound links to increase their Google rankings. Second, the Google Directory pulls its information directly from the dmoz directory. The Google Directory again has a nice PageRank also. Third, the dmoz information is open. This means that many different companies can create their own directories by downloading the directory information from the dmoz. Suddenly you will find people finding your site from and other obscure directories that have you in their directory. Each of these directories will eventually be indexed and get a PageRank. (See where I'm going with this...)

Now that you know the ramifications of getting listed in the dmoz, you will want to be extremely careful what you put as your description of your site when submitting to the dmoz. I would suggest that when you submit your site, that you look at the descriptions of other sites in that category. (You know that the editor has already approved these descriptions). Find a description that closely resembles your business. Then, tweak the description just a little trying to add in your top keyword. Finally, be sure to read the editor's comments about the category. You MUST play by their rules to be listed. There is no way around it. If you have played their game by their rules, the results can be very powerful. I would suggest submitting as soon as you have your site completed (because there will be such a long wait). However, it will be well worth the effort.