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PageRank Update

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Google PageRank Update

NOTICE: PageRank Update has begun as of April 23, 2005. Please visit our blog on this update.

For many of the diligent PageRank (PR) followers out there who have been pulling their hair out trying to figure out when Google is going to update their toolbar, you need not worry because you can know the updated PageRank of any page without needing the toolbar!

Since I have put more effort into search engine optimization (SEO), I have followed my PageRanks very closely. However, since Google has moved to a quarterly update (that's what they call it although it has been nearly 4 months since the last update), I have been very concerned about all of the new pages I've created and their new PageRanks. I was starting to believe some of the people out there that say "PageRank is Dead". However, I would have to say that PageRank is not dead, but is probably in the prime of its life! I have found a cool little tool that will tell you your current PageRank.

Now before you all run out and eat up all of the bandwidth on the server of this new little tool, please note that this is NOT an "official" PageRank. We just speculate that this is the actual PageRank that Google is using behind the scenes to rate different pages. This rank is pulled from an xml file that Google produces for any and every query run through its multiple datacenters.

Current PageRank Tool

This lifesaving and perhaps stress saving tool can be found at From all of the tests that I have run, it seems to be quite accurate for where I think my new sites will be. He also has provided the source code for how to use this in your own implementation (written in php). I had to tweak it quite a bit to get a sample page to work. But once I had it running it was quite easy to manipulate to get the existing PageRank and the current PageRank. (NOTE: I will not be answering questions on how to fix the code to get it to work. If you really want to get it to work (and not just use his tool, you will put in the time to make it fit your needs.)

If this tool proves itself during the new PageRank update that should be coming very soon, then all PageRank watchers will breathe a sigh of relief at the brilliance behind this great tool.

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