Three Steps to a Great Website

Great Website in 3 Steps

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Matt Cutts' three step process to a great rankings in the search engines and success out of your website.

I agree with Matt on his "3 step process" to getting better rankings in the search engines.

There’s SEO and there’s QUALITY and there’s also finding the HOOK or angle that captivates a visitor and gets word-of-mouth or return visits.

  • First I’d work on QUALITY.
  • Then there’s factual SEO. Things like: are all of my pages reachable with a text browser from a root page without going through exotic stuff. Or having a site map on your site.
  • After you’re site is crawlable, then I’d work on the HOOK that makes your site interesting/useful.
Quality of your website could be summed up in your unique value proposition. Why should someone pick your website, business, product, service, etc. instead of the competitions?

Next create a site that is search engine friendly by using known SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. This will help get your business in front of more of your clients.

Once you have a great idea on how to help your customer. You need to know and understand who your customer is and exactly what will entice them to visit your site and make a purchase.

You know, this all sounds very similar to the good-old-fashioned marketing. Go figure. :)