You Need a Better Strategy

A Better Strategy

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You need a better strategy on the web.

Although we have stressed this time and time again, people must be reminded that being on the web requires a very specific focus and strategy. Rachel McApline puts it this way:

Hear my cry: FOCUS!

When running a business on the web, you are forced to establish priorities. In the immortal words of comedian Steven Wright, "You can't have everything. Where would you put it?" Ask yourself this question: if your website was able to achieve only one thing, what should it be? Identify one goal, not twenty.

Naturally you may achieve subsidiary goals as well as your primary goal. But if you're not clear what this website is for, how can you possibly convey its purpose to visitors?

If you have on average 7 seconds to grab someone's attention, you absolutely must have a clear and definitive strategy for reaching that person. If you aim to wide to catch more people, you will just be letting them all fall through the cracks.

Although you have a main goal and strategy, you can have "minigoals" on every single page of your website. These "minisites" should be just as focused, but if you haven't defined your main goal, sub goals aren't going to do you any good.

I explain this concept over and over again to clients. Some get it. Some do not. However, those that have grasped the concept are always the ones that do the best on the web and make the most money, hands down.