New Arrival for the Hayes Family

New Daughter

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Well my wife had her baby this morning. Here is the break down on the stats:

Because she was a week and a half early, she did have some problems with her lungs. She had to be given serfactin to help her lungs keep from collapsing. She was also placed on a oxygen mix to keep her oxygen saturation up. The serfactic seems to have helped, and she is down to a 25% oxygen mix now.

Serfactin is a protein naturally found in the lungs that lubricates the lungs to prevent them from sticking together while breathing.

My wife is doing well and will hopefully make a speedy recovery.

Here are a couple of pictures of the newest addition to our family. We are still trying to decide which side of the family she looks more like.

Sleeping Baby

They put her on a ventilator


Well things are going well. She is off the ventilator now, but they are still watching her oxygen saturation pretty close to make sure everything will be ok. She has been sleeping a lot lately, and we are still waiting to see her pretty eyes, but she seems to be coming along quite well. She has been under an oxygen hood where they are still giving her a mix of oxygen to keep her oxygen saturation up now that she is off the ventilator.

My wife is making a very quick recovery and is up and on the move already (Those that know her know that it is difficult to slow her down.) My wife is anxious for her new baby girl to be unhooked from the monitors and taken out of the "oxygen hood" they keep around her, so that she can hold and snuggle with her.

Here are some updated pictures:

More Sleeping

Almost a smile

Updated Update

Our daughter is doing much better and should come home from the hospital on the 4th of July. I guess it is her independence day. She will still be on a little oxygen, but it will be much better to have her home.

We are very excited to have her come home!

Hanging with my sisters

I can open my eyes