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How to accept credit cards online without a machine (by using a merchant gateway account from with free setup) and not using PayPal.

First off you need to know that I get hundreds of calls a year trying to convince me to switch credit card processors (or switch merchant gateways) to accept credit card payments online. However, I've never found a company that can beat the rates of FreeAuthNet (Capital Merchant Solutions). They have simply unbeatable rates.

I've had lots of customers tell me that their bank can help them process credit cards online, or their current swipe credit card machine company will say they do online credit cards as well. Unfortunately, most companies that do swipe machines are built around a different "risk" model (card present) instead of online ("card not present") scenarios. So, normally they will give you a decent rate for card present and kill you in fees and high rates for online transactions.

FreeAuthNet has great rates (and they just lowered their rates) for online credit card processing. I've sent many customers to them and have yet found another company that could match them on their rates. We have even worked out a deal with them to get additional discounts for our customers and help with high monthly minimum charges.

I could tell you many great stories about FreeAuthNet but I'll just quote a bit from starreviews

We really liked the fact that caters to Internet clientele. For so long, so many credit card processing services didn't understand the needs of online businesses. doesn't only understand the needs of the companies that conduct business on the Web, that is the niche market they specifically cater to.
One thing that makes quite unique is the fact that it caters to online businesses, not brick-and-mortar establishments. Most credit card processing companies offer online credit card processing as a side-service. makes this niche of the payment processing sector its core clientèle.
They are definitely one of the best credit card processing services for online businesses in need of affordable credit card processing services. offers customer service via email and phone. To send an email we simply had to fill out the site's user-friendly email form and click "send". We received a helpful response the very next day. Phone support was also very helpful, providing us with in-depth answers to each and every question we asked. The fact that there was literally no hold time whatsoever was an added plus.

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Normally I tell clients not to sign up for the CheckMan software or the added swipe machine. Since you will be using a credit card virtual terminal (if you aren't just using our custom e-commerce shopping cart) to do your transactions. Just get the basic package and if you have any questions, I'd love to answer them. Just give us a call at 208.419.0868.

I've had many people ask why I don't recommend PayPal. I've never been an advocate for PayPal. I've heard way too many first hand horror stories about PayPal freezing accounts (accounts with millions of dollars in them) and businesses going out of business. I wouldn't trust PayPal with any of my money let alone $0.02.