Long Tail of Search Statistics

Long Tail of Search

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Unique search strings accounted for more traffic than all search strings that more than 100 people searched for combined (including keyword sets that had thousands of searches).

To help explain this topic in more detail we will use this sample data.

Keyword Set Number of Times Keyword Set was Searched For
Widgets 150
My Widgets 120
Black Widgets 73
Red Widgets that Fly 20
Black Widgets near Boston, MA 2
Black flying widgets that don't float 1
I tried to buy a widget the other day that should fly but it couldn't. I'm not sure why it didn't fly 1
This is a random question about widgets in Boston 1
My widgets sink. Why won't they float or fly 1
...(long tail continued for another 300 items...) 1 (X 300 more)
Total Searches 669

Quantifying the Long Tail of Search. We did some data crunching the other day on all of the Google traffic we received for one site in 2009. Here are some interesting takeways.

Percentage of Total Searches Based on Number of Searches for 
Keyword Sets

Average number of words in search string by number of