Who Else Wants to Build Links and Rank High in Google

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Who Else Wants to Build Links and Rank Higher in Google

Link Baiting has become common place to increase organic inbound links and rank higher in Google. There was a great article by Andy Hagan but he broke his site to pieces, so I had to do some digging to find it again. Here are some of the best from his article with my comments throughout.

Content is still king. But if you venture into my little world, you’ll find that packaging is queen, promotion is the crown prince and a baity title is the Sword of Excalibur.

Start thinking. Anything can be link baited. Sell a special kind of Dacron pillow? Maybe you need to write "101 Secrets to Sleeping Revealed." The idea of thinking outside the box is critical when coming up with great link bait.

The point is that your topic has a link bait piece (or a dozen of them) waiting to be written. Granted, some topics will require a bit more creativity in coming up with baity content. That’s fine.

It's all in the Title

I've already posted about the importance of your article heading and quick ways to come up with the perfect title by using eye catching words.

Delivering what you Promised, Quickly

Well, content is only crowned as king when it has focus. Focus comes from the title. In the title, you are making a promise to the reader: here’s what you’re going to read/learn/achieve in this article. All your content should be devoted 100% to meeting (or exceeding) this promise. Anything else no matter how "valuable" is fluff and should be cut out. Readers do want in-depth resources and advice, but they want it in a concise, focused serving.

Provide a "hook" in the content. Here are some basic types of hooks:


Today the buzzword is social media. Everyone wants to comment on every piece on mundane life. From Tweets to a new Facebook status, everyone wants to connect. Great ways to communicate are right at our fingertips and growing every moment. Why not socialize about your link bait?