Live PageRank Dead or Changing

Live PageRank

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Live PageRank

Live PageRank, a popular tool among Search Engine Optimizers and Website Designers, has either shut down or is being updated.

Ever since Google began updating the PageRank on their toolbar every 3 months instead of every month, people have tried to guess their "current" or "live PageRank". Someone quickly realized that included in Google's results there was a tag call <rk> which seemed to reflect current PageRank. Many tools have been created around this "Live PageRank".

Live PageRank

However as seen above, today this Live PageRank reads 0 for every site accross every datacenter. I don't know if this has anything to do with the final BigDaddy Switchover that will change the infrastructure of the Google core network or as Matt Cutts puts it:

Bigdaddy is a software upgrade to Google’s infrastructure that provides the framework for a lot of improvements to core search quality in the coming months.

XML Live PageRank

Either way, changes are afoot and SEO's should be aware so they can react accordingly.