Live Bookmarks in Firefox 1.5

Live Bookmarks in Firefox 1.5

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Live Bookmark RSS Symbol

It is even easier to add live bookmark RSS feeds in the newest Firefox v. 1.5.

Firefox has again added the "automatic" recognition of RSS feeds in a website and added a quick way to bookmark the live bookmark. Any website that has added the following code to the head of their code will automatically be picked up by Firefox and will place the "Live Bookmark" symbol at the end of the url textbox.

<head><link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="AH Digital FX Studios Website Design Feed" href=""/></head>

This code tells Firefox that this article, blog, webpage, etc. is available in an RSS feed. Just change the title and href in the above for your own needs. Then all someone has to do is click on the Live Bookmark symbol and it will add the live bookmark to their toolbar.

How much easier can it get?

I believe that this feature was included in one of the previous Firefox versions but removed for some unknown reason. Hopefully this time it will be back for good. P.S. Make sure you bookmark this site and its RSS feed for further website design tips and tricks.