Taking the Time to Do Something Wrong

Worth Doing

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Take the time, put in the hours

Too many people are so nervous that they are going to make a mistake that they let the world pass them by without really getting better.

I recently read the following quote in The Wizard of Ads by Roy H. Williams.

"Anything worth doing is worth doing badly until I've learned to do it better. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing."

How many of us were perfect at our jobs when we were first hired? How many of us had to struggle past those first few weeks where everything was new and we were just trying to do things correctly? Why did you stick with it? Are you starting to feel comfortable in your job? If you are, you are beginning to stagnate.

In my career, the world of computers, everything is in constant flux. The only constant is change. I find that I am constantly required to learn new things, examine the "bleeding edge" of technology so that I don't fall behind. This constant learning is great push to keep me always learning. Although it can be tiresome at times, the continued improvement is well worth the effort.

While some might seem nervous or anxious with any change, I feel nervous or anxious when there isn't change. Anyone who is "at ease" in their jobs is not pushing themselves hard enough. There is always something more to learn. Something that you could persue that would not only help you do your job better, but make you a more valuable asset to the company.

Now, as with anything in life, you are not going to be the best at something the first time you try (or at least the odds are against you). Most of us have to stumble, fall, and crash numerous times before we ever can take a step. However, if you never take the time to stumble and do something wrong, you will never get good at doing something consistently right.

In the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the author relates the different jobs that he had throughout his life. Each one taught him something new and necessary. Once he was through learning that trait, he would move on. Although I'm not suggesting you quit your job and go looking, I am suggesting that we are too hesitant to try something new and fail. We should embrace change and the opportunity to learn more. Push yourself. Read a new book or article on something you want to learn and then implement that into your life. Whether you are learning to do search engine optimization or better understand your customers, you must constantly push yourself to learn and grow. Only through growth are we guaranteed that we will not be left behind. If your job is worth doing, it is worth doing right.