The Right Way to View Your Business

The Right Way to View Your Business

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Seeing your page through your customer's eyes will help you know why they are there

Why does someone visit your website, or more specifically, why is this customer visiting this page at this time?

Every time you look at any of your marketing materials (print, web, etc.) I want you to take a moment to think about "why" this customer is taking time from their busy schedule to look at it. This "why" should drive everything. People are always looking for something, the trick it lining up your product with this customer's needs. Knowing and understanding your customers will make all the difference in the world as to whether this particular piece of marketing material is going to be effective.

Most people have a reason for looking at any given piece of marketing material. They already understand that you are trying to sell to them when they pick up the brochure, look at the website, or read an article, so why do businesses try to hide what they are trying to do? They have a need and you have the answer. So the real question is "what is this customer's need." That will answer the "why."

If you can't answer that question, you have some research to do. Talk to your clients. Find out what it is that they really need. (Now I'm not talking about what management thinks they need. I'm talking about what it is that the client REALLY needs.) Ask your customer what made them choose you over the competition. What is your real selling strength? Once you find that, the rest is easy. Put the answer to that need right out in front where they can can't help but say, "Hey... this is exactly what I was looking for!"

Once you see your business from your customer's eyes your whole world will change. You will start realizing that management's view of the business might not be exactly how your customer views your business. And I'll tell you, what the customer thinks is much more important than what management thinks is important. Train yourself to see through your customers' viewpoint and you will increase profits dramatically.