Has Customer Service Disappeared?

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Are you getting your money's worth or have you noticed that some businesses have lost their customer service?

I hope that this is a rare occurrence but I find the following story very odd. Recently a friend of mine went to the dentist for a regular checkup and cleaning. Halfway through the cleaning the dentist suddenly stopped working and said, "Well looks like you're out of time. You'll have to come back and finish the cleaning some other time."

My friend was a little perplexed so the dentist continued, "I only spend a maximum of XX minutes on a cleaning. I've only gotten halfway done. You'll just have to set up another visit to finish the cleaning. Oh, and by the way, don't forget to pay for the cleaning on the way out." I asked my friend why she didn't respond with, "That's fine. I only spend a maximum of XX seconds writing a check, and if I can't finish it in that amount of time, I just finish it the next time I come in."

With greater and greater numbers of professionals out there vying for your business, you would think that customer service would be high on a business' priority list. I'm still befuddled by my friend's story. In a service oriented business like dentistry, web design, or graphic design, customer service is what will really differentiate you from the competition.

Now maybe I'm way off my rocker, and that is just how other businesses run now-a-days. However, that isn't how business is done at AH Digital FX Studios. Making sure that my clients are happy is priority number one. In web design, making clients' websites targeted for their customers is how I make my clients happy. If the website accurately targets their customers, their website will be successful and profitable. Otherwise the website becomes a pretty looking expense and a half finished project.

I hope that the world isn't going the way of this dentist. I'd love to hear your comments on if you think that the dentist was justified in quiting in the middle of the project, or if there is a certain level of customer service that is expected when working with any business.