Achieving better web usability and quicker navigation

Website Usability

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Eliminating questions allows you to achieve better web usability and quicker navigation making your site much more effective.

Today you can do almost anything in a minute or less, more specifically when it comes to the web, it is important to create web sites so that they can be quickly navigated. A user comes to a site for a specific purpose. They want to find what they're looking for and get out with as little thinking as possible. Making the elements of your site self-evident creates better usability as you start to eliminate questions such as, "Where is the navigation?" "Can I click on that?" or "How do I search?"

Another way to eliminate questions and create fast navigation is to be concise. Users won't read everything on your site. Instead they will scan until they find what they are looking for. By eliminating needless words you are creating a cleaner page and allowing the user to find the elements that they want quickly, making for an effective visit.

Constructing page elements that look like what they are creates better usability. If you are creating a button make it look like a button; if you are making a search bar make it look like a search bar and so on. This is another way to reduce questions. When the user can find the submit button because it looks like a button then you are allowing them to quickly use your site, without any deep thought. Creating better web usability with self-evident elements will make your site much more effective.

Usability is very important to think about when designing a website. Being conscious about the user and the questions they will have will help you to create a more effective site that is easier to navigate.