Are You Really Listening to Your Customers?

Listening to Your Customers

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Do you see what they mean

When you listen to your customers, are you merely listening to their words, or are you listening for what they really mean?

In order to truly understand your customers, you must learn to not listen to what they say, but rather to listen to what they mean.

For example, when people say they want to "get in shape", they are really saying they want to "lose some weight." Or if they say that they "need some new rims", they are really saying "I want my friends to die when they see how I've decked out my car."

Most of us have been talking for many years now, most likely more years than you've been walking. Unfortunately. in all that time we haven't gotten very good at really communicating what we want. Everything we do has a reason behind it; as my father always put it, "there is always method behind the madness." So no matter how weird our actions may be, there is a reason behind it. The trick is to look past the words or actions to their real meaning.

So, the next time you are listening to your customer say "I want" or "I need", take a few seconds to look past the words at the true meaning and you will open up a treasure box of places to sell because you will see everything that customer needs instead of what they say they need.