Accurate Backlink Counter for Google and Yahoo

Counting Backlinks

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Easy way to get accurate backlink counts from Google and Yahoo.

If you are a regular Google user and website owner, you know that the link: modifier doesn't give accurate results for the number of backlinks pointing at a site. In the good old days we'd go to and do a search with to get an approximation of the number of backlinks because they didn't dummy down the number of backlinks like Google does. However, now we've got better tools. To get a more accurate backlink count you have a couple of options.

  1. Sign up for a Google account and go the the webmaster tools. You will first need to verify you own the account. Then you can access a number of important items like web crawl errors, statistics, and links. Just use the link tab to see a much more detailed view of backlinks.
  2. You can use Yahoo's Site Explorer. Yahoo's site explorer is a great little tool to figure out just who is linking to someone without going through the hoops of signing up with Google and verifying you own a domain.
  3. Use OpenSiteExplorer powered by SEOmoz is an amazing tool. They have started crawling the web on a monthly basis and provide basic data for free and advanced information for a great price.

It seems that Google is a little nervous about letting "everyone" know how many backlinks their competitors have. However, since they've added "links" to the webmaster tools, maybe they'll start increasing the accuracy of the link: operator. After the great success of Yahoo's Site Explorer, maybe they'll have to. Only time will tell.