Top 10 Key Search Factors in 2007

Top 10 Key Search Factors

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There is a great discussion going on over at SearchEngineWatch about the "Top 10 Key Search Factors in 2007."

The initial proposed list looks like this (with my comments after the topic):

  1. Content - As we've mentioned before Content is King. However, with so many social networks (digg, reddit, etc) you have got to be on your toes to provide "new and interesting" topics.
  2. Key Word Selection - If you don't know what keywords your users are looking for, then you will not be found. Simple as that.
  3. Site Architecture - If they can't find your content (or find it again once they come to your site, you've just lost a potential customer.)
  4. Rich Media - With the explosion of video mashups and YouTube, this one might take off. However, I'm still not confident that it will drive sales compared to just wasting people's time.
  5. Web 2.0 -Getting more people involved in any given project has a couple of effects. First you can quickly build a following and interest in any given topic. Second, with more "open architecture" you can cross sell your product into other existing technologies and gain notoriety even faster than ever.
  6. Accessibility - This has been a topic for a number of years now, but still hasn't really seen the attention that it needs to really succeed as of yet.
  7. Inbound Links - Linking is Queen. What can I say, PageRank rules.
  8. Relevancy - I clarify this by saying specialization. More and more people are using specific websites for specific searches. Associate with a group that has like desires, customers, and is mutually beneficial and become the "know-it-alls" about that topic.
  9. Popularity - I hate to say that this one will necessarily fade until social sites create a better way so people don't game the system. (Remember the issues Digg had with so called popularity)?
  10. Constant Improvement - Refine, repair, review, repeat.

Things that I see as being influential in 2007 as far as search goes are the following:

I would add that I think that more and more "in-page rich media" browsing (courteousy of the mainstreaming of AJAX) will happen as people realize the benefits and as the search engines find better ways to index AJAX content.