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GlobalWarming Awareness2007 Contest

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SEO World Championship 2007

Well there is another SEO contest going on, so we'll see how much SPAM comments start accumulating on discussion boards and blogs all over the world. This contest is for the keywords "globalwarming awareness2007 ". Those that rank highest on the big three (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) will win (if there is a tie then of course the highest Google rank wins).

Official Rules

  1. Site must include either a SEO World Championship text link or a banner . (The banner may be linked or not linked)
  2. Valid contact information must be found on the site, E-mail is preferred.
  3. Your official domain must be registered the same day or after January the 15th 2007.(All domains registered before the 15th of January 2007 will not qualify for the competition, no record of the domain is allowed. See
  4. Website will not use SEO methods which are clearly not approved by Search Engine Guidelines for example: doorway pages, etc. See Google webmaster Guidelines. (Any participant ignoring the Google webmaster guidelines will not qualify for a prize)

It is good that they get rid of "old domains" to help level the playing field. However, with an end date of May 1st, people will be hard pressed to get in and rank in such a short amount of time. I am also impressed that they chose a topic that people can benefit from instead of some random garbage word that no one will ever use after the contest is done.

Well good luck and we'll see you in May.