Firefox - The Browser of Kings and King of Browsers

Firefox is King of Browsers

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Firefox - Rediscover the web

The newest contender in the browser war has taken another fatality. Me! I have been using Firefox off and on for the past few months since version 1.0 was released. Besides being standards compliant and having a 100% fully customizable look and feel, it is the extensions that really sold me.

Before I was converted to the only true browser, I mainly just used Firefox to test my recently developed websites for compatibility. Now I don't know what I would do without Firefox.

It is awful when I find myself in IE and trying to use my new and nifty "All-in-One Gestures" to go backward in the history, open a new window, or close a window. Here are a list of the extensions that I use and would highly recommend.

It is amazing how Firefox is truly helping people rediscover the web. All of the programmers out there keep coming up with easier, better ways of doing what needed to be done on the web for years. Best of all Firefox is FREE. That's right. No strings attached, 100% FREE.

Use these links to get a FREE copy of Firefox and great time saving extensions.

Now no browser is 100% hacker safe, but it sure beats the socks off of Internet Explorer. With improved security and privacy, Firefox is a great choice for anyone looking to really enhance their web surfing experience.

Comparable to how Internet Explorer stole the browser market from Netscape, I see a new contender in town that wants the number 1 spot and has what is necessary to take that spot. I've been tracking browser usage for a while, and Firefox is definitely picking up speed and marking its territory on the web.