Want a Simple Way to Save Time and Money?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Save money and time by adding a Frequently Asked Questions page to your website. 

I absolutely love how Rachel McApline describes how having a website can save you money and provide more efficient communication.

Time saved is money saved is money gained. A well-organized, clearly written website can achieve major savings in communication costs.

A carefully written Frequently Asked Questions page will replace many standard phone conversations and letters (and emails). If customers contact the site owner after reviewing the FAQ page, they may ask more specific questions or get straight down to business.

I have one client who would absolutely agree. She said that on average she spends one full hour less on the phone with clients because of her website. Because she has reduced her on-the-phone time she can focus on completing more projects and make more money.

We always suggest that you talk to the people who answer the phones. What question do they here over and over again? I'm sure they have a very regular "canned" response to this question. Have them tell you the question and answer it. Add that question to the FAQ page. You'll be surprised at how much it will reduce the amount of phone time you spend.