Shoemoney SEO Contest


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Shoemoney SEO Contest

Shoemoney has thrown down the gauntlet to other SEOs and challenged them to dethrone him for the keyword "shoemoney".

While this is just another SEO contest, Jeremy Schoemaker at Shoemoney has openly admitted that outranking him for #1 for the keyword shoemoney will be next to impossible. (Sounding a little overconfident aren't we) So he is offering a small cash prize for those who can rank in the top ten on the three main search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) for shoemoney instead of requiring just a #1 position.

Unfortunately, the contest will finish in less than a month (June 22nd) which gives SEOs very little time to shoot up the ranks. Even more to the point, he has over 734 backlinks which will prove nearly impossible to overcome to outrank him in the SERPs for shoemoney.

I don't know about you, but this seems like a very good PR tactic. For a few hundred bucks he'll cause quite the stir with everyone and their dog trying to cram their pages full of shoemoney. I think a contest for the keyword hatmoney or beltmoney would have been much more fun. Maybe I'll start a new contest... hmmm.

Personally, I think the next upcoming contest will be even better though (said to be worth over $25,000.00. Now that is a contest to go after. The only problem is the bigger the jackpot, the more people play and the lower your chances are of winning. So maybe trying for the $50 in the shoemoney contest would be a better bet.