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Refine Results with Orion

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Google is testing a new way to refine results in their search engine results.

People have reported seeing a new "refine results" option for Google searches. This new option appears to break down results into predefined categories and is using the Google "operator" of more:. Once the refinements are added, you can also "clear refinements" to get back to the normal SERPs. Here are some examples:

Google Refine Results

Clear Refinements

There is some speculation that this has to do with the Orion search algorithm bought from Ori Allon where keywords are linked to other supporting words.

Lets use a search on "SEO" as an example. Orion would bring up results with extracts containing this phrase, but it would also give results for White hat, Black hat, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, AH Digital FX Studios (j/k), Google Webmaster Guidelines and more.

While this option to refine results seems like a step in the right direction for all those people that are unwilling to type in more keywords to refine their results themselves, I'm skeptical that this "refine results" option is Orion in its full glory. However, this does seem the easiest way of adding Orion to the way Google searches without having to change current underlying search rules and algorithms.