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Geocaching - the sport where you are the search engine

Whether you have heard of geocaching yet or not, I'm sure that you already know someone that participates in geocaching, an "entertaining adventure game for global positioning system (gps) users".

So what is geocaching? Geocaching is like a very large (world wide) treasure hunt. People have placed containers ranging from micro caches (possibly the size of a film container) to macro caches (very large plastic buckets) all over the world. Each of these caches holds some sort of "treasure". Normally the adventure comes from both the traveling to the cache and then trying to find the cache once you are at the location (which can be very difficult if looking for a micro cache).

Once a person has found a cache, they can log their find into the log book and trade something out of the cache for something they have brought with them. For example, you could leave (L) 3 Korean Coins and take (T) stuffed animal (dog). If you don't have something to L then don't T. Also remember that cachers come in all sizes and ages, so please L items that are appropriate for all ages. Plus please follow the rules for "What shouldn't be in a cache".

How do I find caches near me?

All you need to do is go to the official geocaching website and sign up for Free. When you sign up it would be best to know the GPS position of your house. This will be used to determine which caches are near you. Once you are registered, you can "search for nearest caches from your home coordinates". This will give you a list of caches that have been left in your area by existing geocachers. Then simply download the waypoint file to your GPS and off you go. Make sure that the difficulty and terrain are appropriate for you.

What is a travel bug?

Travel bugs are items of all shapes and styles that have a tracking tag attached to them. Most travel bugs are trying to do a certain task. For example, travel to Korea and then to Washington D.C. If you pick up a travel bug, try to help it find its way to the location it is trying to go. Travel bugs are tracked online from place to place and the total miles that a travel bug has traveled are also tracked.

Geocaching is a great sport for anyone that likes the thrill of a treasure hunt (isn't that everyone) and likes an excuse to get outdoors.

Happy geocaching!