Search Engine Usage for 2009

Search Engine Statistics 2009

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Search engine usage is out for June 2009.

The Nielsen Company reported search engine usage for June 2009. Here are their findings.

Search Engine Percentage
Google 66.1%
Yahoo 16.2%
Bing 8.8%
AOL 3.0%

Google is still the master of search and expanding its grasp on the search market. Yahoo recently announced that it would outsource its search engine results to Bing, Microsoft's newest spin on search. I still don't understand Yahoo's thinking. A recent poll on Matt Cutt's blog showed an overwhelming feeling that Microsoft came out ahead in the deal. I agree completely. Yahoo has had a better market share than MSN for a number of years running. Microsoft's attempt to rebrand itself as Bing hasn't impressed me personally, and as such I was surprised at Yahoo's move to adopt Bing so readily.

The move does allow PPC advertisers a simpler way to advertise on Yahoo and Bing at the same time. We'll see if Bing picks up more of the market, but I won't be holding my breath.