AHFX.net Aquires Sevenate

AHFX.net Aquires Sevenate.com

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AH Digital FX Studios, INC acquires Sevenate.com.

A week ago I saw a sign on a business that said, "We refuse to participate in a recession." I totally agree with that statement. As further proof of our hope for the future, AH Digital FX Studios, INC has just acquired Sevenate.com and all of their business assets. I have known the previous owner, Nate Jones, for quite a while. He is a great guy, and I hope him the best in his new "employed" position at Roady's.

Here is Nate's goodbye message to his clients:

Dear Clients and Friends,

As many of you already know, I've been quite busy over the past few years with a full-time position with Roady's Truck Stops (www.roadystruckstops.com). As a result, my focus on your needs has been limited.  With three little kids, a day job, and other civic and religious responsibilities, life has been pretty busy.  I hope you can forgive me for my occasional lack of response and assistance.  The position with Roady's continues to be a blessing for our family.  While unavoidable, the strain on my time and attention to your needs was definitely not intentional.

On a better note, however, the business assets and interests of Sevenate (my "Assumed Business Name" with the State of Idaho) have been acquired by AH Digital FX Studios, INC (www.ahfx.net), with the expectation that they will be able to serve you much better than I have recently.  They're a top-notch web hosting and development company based in Eastern Idaho.  Started by a good friend of mine, Adam Hayes, their team of developers work full-time at serving the technology needs of dozens of clients throughout the country, and they are more than happy to assist you with any future hosting and development needs.  During the transition, all web sites and e-mail accounts remained uneffected.  All pre-paid hosting accounts with Sevenate will be honored by AHFX through the duration paid.

I have appreciated working with/for all of you over the past several years. Thank you for your business, patience, and friendship.  Feel free to contact me at any time (preferably after business hours MST ;-), but please now direct all your hosting and development requests to the boys at AHFX. 
They'll take good care of you.

    AH Digital FX Studios, Inc.
    10551 E. Ririe Hwy.
    Idaho Falls, ID

    Adam Hayes

Best wishes,

Nate Jones

AH Digital FX Studios, INC has already begun the transition of clientele and business assets and we are eager to help our new clients with their future web development needs.